Friday, December 2, 2011

22 Days of Green Gift Giving: Gift Idea #8

Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

For the dog -- or dog lover -- on your list, these eco-friendly dog beds with sophisticated designs are as soft and firm as their favorite sofa cushion - which makes for a good sleep. Island Dog Design dog beds are like a 'natural tempur-pedic' mattress, but aren't made with chemicals and fire retardants. So, its a healthier alternative. Made with premium quality natural latex foam, which is eco-friendly and a plant based material, it is also:
  • Therapeutic for your dog - comfortable and supportive, and keeps its shape
  • Naturally antimicrobial - warding off dust-mites, mold and bacteria
  • Easy to keep clean, and wash — (and doesn't take on the smell of your dog!)
  • Chemical free, and biodegradable in a landfill
  • Responsibly harvested
  • Made in the USA
$185 - $265
Available in assorted sizes, designs and colors.

Free shipping through December 10th for viewers of this blog! Enter code:  GREEEN2011.

I discovered this company at the Green Festival last year in Washington, DC and purchased a  bed for my dog Dolly.  You can see she likes it! I sometimes use it for a meditation mat! 


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